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This displays the remaining amount of servers upgrades, you can use them to invite the old premium bot: To do it; invite the main bot to your server and run @Member Counter upgradeServer. This is reserved to early donors

You can spend these credits in custom bots instead of paying a subscription.
You can get them if:
  • You are an early donor, you will get a credit for every $5 USD donated automatically
  • You redeem a code
Stay tuned to the announcements channel to get codes!

❀️ Obtained by donating
πŸ’Ž Obtained by owning a custom bot
🌎 Obtained by translating the bot
πŸ’» Obtained by contributing code
🧠 Obtained if your suggested idea is accepted
πŸ› Obtained by reporting a bug
🐱 Easter Egg
πŸ§ͺ Obtained by participating in the beta program
🧬 Obtaining by [email protected] in the Member Counter team
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